In This House custom listing for Harvey H.

In This House custom listing for Harvey H.

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This sign is MADE TO ORDER and will take me 10 business days to create before it ships after I receive the paid order.

This sign is made using birch hardwood and is sized approximately 11" x 23" x 1/2". I paint this black and use professional quality white vinyl lettering.  I paint the back of the sign and drill a keyhole so it will hang nice and flush against your wall.  Finally, I seal it with a clear protective coat to keep you sign beautiful for years to come.

This custom listing is to read:

In This House

We do once upon a time

In galaxies far far away

And to infinity and beyond

The force is strong with us

As we use lightsabers and wands

From worlds in wardrobes

To raiding lost arcs

Going where no man has gone before

We have one ring to rule them all

And know the truth is out there

We Assemble And Defend

Because Winter is coming

We don’t care what muggles think

Because normal in this house is


So Say We All (Battlestar Galactic font)

have fun storming the castle